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When my daughter was born two years ago, I became hyper-aware of what it meant to be a kind, brave, and strong woman. I also quickly realized how uniquely difficult our current world is for little girls and young women.

A study in the 1980’s showed that intelligent girls were more likely to give up when something was difficult while bright boys were more likely to view it as a challenge. Why is this? Are boys allowed to fail, or encouraged to try differently than girls who are expected to “be good”?

I want to empower women to BE MORE

Last week I was recording a podcast with Cat from The JoyRide podcast and we discussed at length that many people don’t start something because they feel they aren’t good enough, yet. This can stem from so many places such as the imposter syndrome, the gear acquisition syndrome, seasonal depression and the lack of self-confidence.

Some examples:

  • I must be excellent in 99% of the desired skills on this job posting before applying.
  • Lose X amount of weight before trying Y.
  • Once I’ve been riding for this much time and understand all the parts of my bicycle I can visit that local bike shop.
  • I’m not an authority in this space because I don’t have a master’s degree.
  • I don’t have 3 hours a day to devote to writing so there is no point in starting to write that book.

As a mom, one of the greatest things I can offer my daughter and every other little girl out there is to show them how to be more and worry less.

You don’t need the moons to be aligned to start that new habit. You don’t have to be in “good enough” shape to start that exercise class. You don’t have to buy the perfect bike to start riding. You don’t need to have your masters degree to be an authority in your space. You don’t need to worry about all of the many reasons you can’t do something. You can be more.

Do you want to write a book? Write a damn book one word and one day at a time. It doesn’t need to be perfect. YOU wrote a fucking book!! Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Learn from it and write a second one. It will be better than your first and now you have written two books.

Do you want to lose weight? Focus on what you can control. Be more than you were yesterday. Enjoy the process of becoming a healthier version of yourself.

What do you want to be? Take steps towards it. Walk slowly. Crawl. Take a breath. Be proud that you are more than you were moments before.

Be More Today

Whatever that habit, wish or goal is you’ve been putting off. Be more. You’ve been wanting to call that friend? Do it. Try the new restaurant? Book it. Don’t wait until all is perfect. That day will probably never come, but today – today you can be more and worry less.


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