Hi, I’m Arleigh.

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur, marketer, mom, and wife. After 10 years of living under the “Bike Shop Girl” name, I broke out of that shell in the end of 2016 and now focused on creating content under my own name, Arleigh. We often get caught up in what we are not, what we do not have and stay frozen in our tracks instead of taking action. My goal is to help you choose to bike more, to take action and to have the resources to worry less about the other stuff. You’ll find biking tips, reviews, and stories on these pages and on my YouTube channel.

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I started working in a bike shop during high school after using my bike for daily commuting and needing some money to pay for all the flat tires and broken parts. I fell in love with the industry, the creative cats, and the FREEDOM that cycling offers everyone. Since that first job in high school, I have managed shops, been a professional race mechanic, and raced my bike all over the country. I’ve been in sales and marketing at the brand level, and as an outside rep for the country’s largest distributor. In 2016, I found my calling and took over as Directeur Sportif of Bike Law, a network of independent bicycle accident lawyers. As someone that has recovered from being hit while riding my bike, and a daily advocate of safer riding laws, I strongly believe in Bike Law and love the home I have found making a better bike industry.


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